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Offering a lifestyle that is rich in nature, integrates state-of-the-art security, and embraces the true meaning of community, Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate is a gated estate that is set to inspire sustainable living on the North Coast.

Home to a number of species that are unique to the area, including the Broadbill, Pygmy Kingfisher, and Buff Spotted Flufftail, as well as the Swamp Fig, Natal Strangling Fig and Raffia Palm, the Elaleni Coastal Forest provides an experience like no other.

Offering an unsurpassed lifestyle in the great outdoors, protection of this exquisite heritage takes precedence.

Every aspect of the estate incorporates the natural elements where possible, encouraging engagement with the untouched environment and giving back whatever is taken from nature. With a strong environmental conscience the developers aim to encourage Elaleni residents to join them in becoming guardians of our globe.

The estate’s world class facilities include a Forest Clubhouse, Leisure Centre, and access to the exclusive Elaleni Beach Club situated on Salt Rock Main Beach.