Home Ground Estates

Back to Basics

Home Ground Estates is a bespoke luxury residential real estate brokerage that goes back to the basics of how business used to be done – the artisanal way. We want to focus on people and their needs and let business be the by-product of our relationships and superior results in real estate.

Our aim is to create a service that is meaningful and beneficial to people, with all the efficiency and care one would want when selling or buying into a new lifestyle and home. We understand the decisions behind buying a home and recognise that it is a very large investment and decision; we believe that by getting to know our clients on a more personal basis we could come close to matching their needs.


What does going back to basics mean to us?

  • People do business with people they know and trust.
  • Using our networks to do business and life.
  • To be able to make and see peoples’ dreams materialize.
  • Building lifelong relationships.
  • We want you to enjoy the experience to the maximum and know that you are being looked after.


Home Ground Estates focuses on creating an environment where clients are given the superior service that they require when selling of buying a home. We are passionate about people, property and lifestyle and our dream is to align these through knowing our cliental, property offerings and geographic areas or estates that offer different lifestyles.


Real Estate has been happening for centuries and it is a basic need that we all require. The levels of this need vary immensely, and the amount of people servicing this industry comfortably caters for all the levels of needs.


At Home Ground Estates we have positioned ourselves in the niche top end growth nodes in South Africa. The Estates market in South Africa has taken off, and one can confidently say that this market is growing with demand and the supply is struggling to keep up. The prestigious ‘older residential’ areas in South Africa, still carry a charm and luxurious element and the demand to be able to get into these sought after areas is high. The growing areas in South Africa are developing into more Estate living type environments, and the older more established areas are remaining as free stand type living.